5 Ways Cupping Can Boost Healing & Health

Rich with history and even richer with benefits, discover why cupping is one of traditional Chinese medicine’s most popular treatments.
11 Sep 2023
Words by: Bridget Barnett

Cupping therapy works through the application of heated glass cups, which are placed along the meridians (“energetic highways”) of the body, creating a suction that stimulates the flow of qi (circulating life force). The ancient treatment, which dates back to 300 BC, is one of the most commonly used alternative medicine procedures thanks to yielding a bounty of benefits. If you haven’t tried it yet, read on to discover five reasons why you might want to consider getting involved.

Close up of an elderly person’s hands with veins wearing a green dress
Cupping can help to diminish the appearance of veins
An asian woman with her eyes closed holding her hand to her nose
Cupping can soothe allergies and clear out blockages

1. Aids Digestion

By aiding contractions that push food through your digestive tract, cupping can help clear colon blockages, which boosts blood and body fluid to move through your organs, promoting healthy digestion.

2. Reduces Anxiety

As the cups slide across your skin, it engages with your parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a deep relaxation that moves through your whole body, minimising feelings of anxiety, as well as anger, hostility and depression.

3. Soothes Allergies

For soothing allergies, cups are placed around the lung area. This creates blood flow and oxygen while drawing out toxins, removing stagnant energy, and clearing out blockages that can affect breathing.

Top down view of woman lying face down on a therapy table getting a traditional cupping treatment
Cupping therapy works through the application of heated glass cups, which are placed along the meridians of the body

4. Eases Inflammation

The cups create micro-trauma to the applied areas, which causes your body to release an array of white blood cells and fibroblasts – all of which help trigger the healing process of inflamed injuries.

5. Diminishes Veins

When placed on your skin, the vacuum-like suction from the cups pulls fresh blood and oxygen into enlarged varicose veins, which improves circulation and relieves congestion and blockage. You should notice your veins appear lighter after one session, but regular cupping sessions will yield the best results.

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