Crystal Healing with Jason Lim & Eva Cangarova

Pure crystalline energy. Zalah Crystal’s Jason Lim and Eva Cangarova tell why ethically sourced raw crystals are so important, both morally and spiritually.
16 Apr 2023
Words by: Sharon Leece
Images by: Zalah Crystals

Melbourne-based Jason Lim and Eva Cangarova are the duo behind ethically sourced raw crystal supplier Zalah Crystals. Lim, a storytelling videographer, and Cangarova, a holistic entrepreneur and globetrotting creator, are partners in life as well as in business.

Crystal energy connects them both. “Jason has always been visually drawn to the natural creations that the Earth can produce,” explains Cangarova. “There is something calming for him when he’s around raw crystals, which helps him connect to the sense of grounding.”

Slovakian-born Cangarova has been around minerals since she was a child. “Slovakia is full of volcanic mountains where they grow. I owned an Egyptian jewellery label in my early 20s that contained crystals in its designs, but it wasn’t until Jason started Zalah that I dived really deep into the energetics of the stones.”

Zalah’s story can be traced back to a journey Lim made in 2017 to Dharamshala, India, where he met crystal supplier Peter who lives in the District of Maharashtra. “I picked up some of Peter’s crystals to examine closely. These were different to many that I had been exposed to before. So imperfectly unique, so clear, some so very vibrant.” Over many meetings, the two men bonded and Lim subsequently shipped 30 kgs of crystals home to Melbourne.

A man in a stripe button down holding a wooden stick on his shoulder
Peter ethically sources crystals across India
Close up of a green aphophyllite crystal
Green Apophyllite is a Zalah favourite due to its loving vibration and strong resonance with the heart space.
“It’s no surprise that we’re drawn to the natural world and raw crystals. In today’s age we live in a very digital space, much different from our ancestors; with that comes a whole set of different challenges.”

Sustainable practices and transparency are at the heart of Zalah. “We pride ourselves on being pioneers in raising awareness around the crystal industry,” explains Cangarova. “Peter and his friends ethically source our crystals directly from the caves and ground all over India. Every crystal purchased from us directly funds Peter and his family as well as the local community.”

The duo are mindful of the practices included in the crystal sourcing process. “We closely monitor all our suppliers as well as the journey of the crystals while they get to Australia.” To this end, they have produced a documentary in India documenting the life of Peter and showcasing the journey of a crystal from point A to Z. “We always encourage our community to ask as many questions as possible,” says Lim.

The Zalah community is constantly evolving. “We believe that the best way to educate is to embody the practices ourselves and then share with the world through our eyes,” says Cangarova. “I love attuning into a crystal’s frequency and exploring its effects on my energy field before reading about its properties in other resources. That way I can clear my channels and experience the connection with each mineral on a deeper level.”

Zalah Crystals on display: vibrant colours, unique textures and unusual shapes
Zalah Crystals on display: vibrant colours, unique textures and unusual shapes

Crystal healing is particularly relevant to society today, with its digital-first focus and intense work-life pressures. Says Lim: “If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, I hear you, I feel you - we are living in a very interesting time where many shifts are happening at a radical pace. Give yourself the permission to take some time out and call upon the Earth’s elements for guidance and nurturing; and remember, be gentle with yourself.”

a topless woman with a shoulder tattoo holding a flower in front of her face
In times of chaos, choose growth and expansion

Q / A with Eva Cangarova :

What inspires you and motivates you?

The driving force behind a lot of my work is feeling aligned and connected to the Divine, through the unity of our community, witnessing the impact of our brand on other people’s lives and collaborating with other wellness brands, platforms and spaces that feel like a full body yes for me. I love feeling powerful within my own circumstances of life, understanding that I’m a co-creator of my destiny and exploring places around the world that set my soul on fire.

What are the most important crystal/s in your personal collection?

A pair of Black Tourmaline Grounding Rods; a part of my morning routine, ceremonies and spiritual practices where I want to feel safe, protected and anchored to my own values. It has been such a wonderful tool for my meditation practice as well as winding down before I sleep.

What does self-care mean for you?

Self-care means honouring my needs, boundaries and desires in life. It means prioritising what feels aligned to me even if it goes against the mainstream grain or a social norm. It is normalising saying “no” to other people and activities when needed and also maintaining my own energetic hygiene on a daily basis. Self-care is subtle energy work, dancing, loving every inch of my body, nourishing myself without guilt, laughing and treating myself like a queen.

A woman with tattoos lying down in a a fetus pose with a line of black tourmaline crystals placed down her back
Black tourmaline grounding rods protect our energy field
A man lying on his back on a bed with his arms towards the ceiling
Pursuing gratitude and serenity in life
“If we can commit to a little micro habit each day, the effect builds up like a snowball and will bring us a lot closer to our dream life with patience and self-accountability.”

What is your morning/evening wellness routine?

I like to keep things simple yet flexible, as having a rigid routine can easily make me bored. When I wake up I scrape my tongue to remove any toxins that accumulated over night, drink a big jug of warm water, go for a yoga class or meditate, plus EFT Tapping multiple times a week and journaling. Setting my vision for the day and working with my energy before I open to the rest of the world is super important to me.

When it comes to my evening routine, I journal — impressions from the day, wins, gratitude, unpacking triggers, to help me clear my head and sleep easier. I like to consume an Ayurvedic herb called Triphala before bed, as it helps me with digestion and a clean elimination when I wake in the morning. I love nourishing myself with a yummy yin yoga class as well.

What’s an important piece of wellness advice you can give?

Consistency over intensity wins all the way. Wellness is about creating sustainable long lasting habits that will be integrated into the rest of my life to promote longevity. If we can commit to a little micro habit each day, the effect builds up like a snowball and will bring us a lot closer to our dream life with patience and self-accountability.

An inspirational quote that resonates with you?

You are who you are when no one’s watching.