5 Things Iridology Can Reveal

An old proverb tells us that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but an iridologist will tell us the eyes are the windows to our health.
14 Mar 2023
Words by: Bridget Barnett

Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that examines patterns, colours, and other characteristics of the iris (the coloured part of your eye) to offer insights into different aspects of a person’s health. While analysis of the iris has ancient roots, today the practice uses iris charts, which correspond regions in the iris to different organs in the body.

While iridology as a sole tool for medical diagnosis isn’t recommended, it’s a unique and non-invasive method of searching for clues related to our health and well-being. Here, discover five things an iridologist might see using this alternative medicine technique.

Macro view of iris
Photography by v2osk
Circle mirror on rocks reflecting the sky
Photography by Jeremy Bishop

1. Stress

Stress can show up in our body in a bounty of ways, such as aches, pains, and nausea. It can also show up in the rings toward the edge of your eyes. The more rings there are and the more deep set, the greater the stress is believed to be.

2. Weak Immune System

You might pick up that you have a weak immune system if you’re always the first to catch a cold. Another clue? White markings tend to be interpreted as a weakened immune system in the realms of iridology.

3. High Cholesterol

When there is too much of that fatty substance called cholesterol in your blood, it is said to show up as a white half-moon shape circling the iris. The same white marking could also be a high of arteriosclerosis, which is a thickening of the arteries caused by a plaque build-up in the artery.

Iridology chart
Example of Iridology Chart, courtesy of International Institute of Iridology, 2019

4. Allergic Sensitivity

An iridologist can view blood vessels in the whites of the eyes as a tool for identifying environmental and food allergies and sensitivities, which can then be used to recommend remedies.

5. Inflammation

Inflammation is our body telling us that something is wrong, so it’s good to spot it early. An iridologist can do this by looking for discolouration or other abnormalities in the fibres of the iris.

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