Reading 12 2022: New Moon in Capricorn

Spiritual counsellor, Tarot reader and astrologist Letao Wang shares insights for this lunation with the New Moon in Capricorn, exclusively for The New Moon.
18 Dec 2022
Words by: Letao Wang

23rd December 2022, 6:17PM Hong Kong time, New Moon in Capricorn

At 6:17PM (HK time) on 23rd of December, we are welcoming a new lunar cycle, which starts in the zodiac sign of Capricorn and the sixth astrological house.

The new moon will later travel through Capricorn and encounter a square with Chiron and conjunction with Pluto. The focus of this month is to achieve our own healing from some past traumatic or painful memories. Moon is debilitated in Capricorn in traditional astrology, and its contact with Chiron is encouraging us to review our past unresolved issues, which we somehow have hidden under the carpet. Chiron is a wounded healer, and Pluto symbolises a rebirth experience. The journey of the Moon this month is asking us if we have been courageous to descend into our profound subconscious, and embrace the very transformation we need through acceptance and empathy. It might require us to face fear and raw emotions, but it is so rewarding as well when you have come out of the dark like a soaring phoenix. Plus, the trine with Uranus and North Node in Taurus is going to give you a helping hand!

The sixth astrological house rules our daily work as well as our general health. Work could also get very busy this time. The next 30 days, you will feel focused, dedicated and goal-oriented in you daily operations and dealings. For some of you, taking good care of your general health also comes into spot light, especially health concerns regarding skin, bones and teeth. With Jupiter in Aries square the new moon, remember not to overdo things. Moderation in all areas of life is the key.