Playlist – Gratitude

Sound healer and singer-songwriter Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙 has curated a series of playlists that can be an at-home or go-anywhere sound-healing experience, aiming to help uplift your mood and raise your personal vibrations.
2 Dec 2022

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  1. In This Moment, I Am – Miracles Tones

  2. See Yourself with Clarity – Healing Solfeggio Frequencies, Harmony Touch

  3. 222hz 22hz Miracle Healing on Christmas – Solfeggio Frequencies Sacred

  4. Healing Energies - Original Mix – J Shawn

  5. 7 Hz Meditation & Inner Peace – Miracle Tones, Binaural Beats MT

  6. Heart Chakra Sleep Music – Meditative Mind

  7. 555hz 55hz Golden Aura on Christmas Healing – Solfeggio Frequencies Sacred

  8. Dreamy Life - Original Mix – Mary Fleur

  9. 8888Hz Pure Positive Energy – Emiliano Bruguera

  10. Keep Your Best Wishes Close to Your Heart – Singing Bowls

  11. 417 Hz Facilitate Change – Miracles Tones, Solfeggio Healing Frequencies MT

  12. Spiritual Energy Shield – Dahye

  13. Boundless Abundance – Dahye

  14. Spiritual Ascension (963 Hz) – Meditative Mind

Cover artwork for The New Moon Playlist on Spotify for December 2022 -“Gratitude” by sound healer Jocelyn Chan