5 Anxiety-Reducing Crystals

In the universe of mysticism, there’s a crystal to help with everything; from manifesting your intentions, mending a broken heart, and even calming feelings of anxiousness. Wellness, life and style writer and editor Bridget Barnett dives in.
8 Nov 2022
Words by: Bridget Barnett

Crystals are believed to be beneficial instruments in helping to calm feelings of anxiety or stress, particularly when used in tandem with other aids in a personal wellness toolbox; such as meditation or talk therapy. Along with helping you to self-soothe in times of need, keeping certain crystals nearby could also help curb future stress spirals before they flare up. As for which soothing stones to keep in your pocket, or lay on your desk, or bedside table with; there are a plethora to choose from – many with nuanced benefits, depending on your personal needs⁠. Read on to discover five crystals which you can use to help calm anxiety.

Light purple amethyst crystal on a shelf


In a striking purple hue that harmoniously aligns with the crown chakra, the amethyst stone is a natural tranquiliser which helps you to connect to your higher self. Try holding it gently against your forehead while breathing deeply to defuse negative energy, stress and irritability. It’s also been said to help soothe anxiety-related insomnia, and is often favoured as a bedside stone for children who suffer from nightmares, or who are afraid of the dark.

Close up of a polished smokey citrine crystal


Often referred to as “the golden optimiser”, citrine has the power to guide you gently away from feelings of doubt and stress, and help you move into a space of warmth, clarity, and enthusiasm. As well as helping to defuse negative energy, its ability to amplify optimism can also steer you away from any destructive tendencies, as well as help to boost self-esteem.

A large black tourmaline on a beautiful grey marble surface

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerhouse for protection. While it’s not always thought of as a calming stone, its shielding capabilities place boundaries between yourself and a situation, helping to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed, and instead making space for calm and clarity. It’s particularly handy for the workspace – keep some tourmaline on your desk to help you cleanse your mind of negative self-talk.

Celestite on marble slab


Celestite is a high-vibrational crystal believed to be associated with your third eye, crown energy centres, and heart – a trifecta with the power to reach a supreme level of serenity, if properly functioning and aligned. Along with relieving anxiety, stress and nervousness, this divine crystal can enhance intuition and communication, helping further increase feelings of safety and calm. It’s been cited as a particularly apt stone for anyone with stage fright, or for those who are nervous about a new experience.

A clear brick of selenite with a crystal necklace on top


Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selenite – which presents itself in a dreamy translucent state – is a crystallised form of Gypsum. Rooted with a deep history of providing protection and creating harmony, consider it a general cleanser that can help to sweep away negative thoughts and promote clarity and calmness. One of the softer stones, it’s also a perfect reminder to carry yourself with gentleness.

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