The New Moon presents Home Rituals

Home Rituals returns this autumn in collaboration with The New Moon to ignite a process of self discovery.
7 Oct 2022

Home Rituals is a lifestyle concept curated by homegrown brands Baea, SoL and At Liberty.

As we approach another year of living in the ‘new normal’, Home Rituals decided there is no better time than now to reflect and turn our focus inward – back to the space that makes us feel most safe – and that starts at home. Each brand comes together to reimagine the space as a ‘home’ in which customers can walk through each ‘room’ and slow down, explore, and take in the space surrounding them.

14 October – 20 December, 2022
3/F Hong Kong Jewellery Building
178-180 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan

Bedside set up with small wooden table and large vase with dried flowers, bedding and styling by Baea

About Baea

Baea “lets nature in” with contemporary bedding, objects and textiles. It finds forms in the natural world that inspire its designs and brings calm to the home. Baea seeks to protect nature through the organic, biodegradable and sustainable materials and processes it chooses.

A woman leaning against doors in a bright white room wearing comfortable knit loungewear featuring SoL

About SoL

SoL is a direct-to-consumer SelfWear™ brand that addresses the universal need for self-care through loungewear and sleepwear. SoL is a call to action to reprioritise wellness and one’s own self-sustainability — starting with good rest and great sleep. SoL’s mission is simple: to inspire people to discover the best versions of themselves in body, mind and soul through SelfWear, a new category of apparel that puts the wearer first.

A lounge chair and side table in wood by large windows in a loft style interior setting with natural light

About At Liberty Studio

At Liberty Studio is a creative and sales agency composed of creative planners, visual storytellers, thought provokers and people connectors. At Liberty represents a small collection of heartfelt brands that share its philosophies of people-centric products created and presented through a spirit of generosity. At Liberty provides bespoke sourcing and styling for the home and business, believing wholeheartedly that one’s environment shapes the intention and mood of those it envelops.

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