Reading 10 2022: New Moon in Scorpio

Spiritual counsellor, Tarot reader and astrologist Letao Wang shares insights for this lunation with the New Moon in Scorpio, exclusively for The New Moon.
21 Oct 2022
Words by: Letao Wang

25-October-2022, 6:49PM Hong Kong time, New Moon in Scorpio.

At 6:49PM (HK time) on the 25th of October, we welcome in a new lunar cycle that begins in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and in the seventh astrological house.

The most potent of Scorpio energies focusses on transformation, letting go and rebirth. Scorpio demands authenticity and depth, and dislikes anything that is superficial and flashy. This month could be a time when we delve deep within different areas of life to find out what is true to us and what is not. The 7th Astrological House is to do with our business partnerships and marriage. So finding or deciding who and what is the right long term loyal partner for you might come into focus.

The new moon will be coming to a trine aspect with Neptune in Pisces during this cycle. As this trine occurs in the water with Neptune and Pisces, this means heightened intuition, a prime time for meditation and a chance to go deeper into your night time dream-works. Meanwhile, the moon will also form a square and opposition with Saturn and Uranus. During this process of truth finding, we may need to face doing a bit of purging and decluttering. Don’t be afraid! Sometimes ending something is a blessing in disguise - the Universe always works in mysterious ways.

The South Node of the Moon will also form a conjunction with the transit Moon. Again, this is asking us what we must release; be it old attachments, pains or unresolved feelings. Remember to practice constant self-care, both emotionally and physically. If you play things right, you’ll come out of this cycle shining - and with a whole slew of new beginnings.