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What the team have been up to this month, and how they’ve been looking after themselves
6 Oct 2022
Words by: The New Moon

How Channie has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for October 2022, photo of Crystal aka Channie sitting on a rock by the beach surrounded by trees.

Oil Pulling method

I’m currently trying oil pulling every morning before brushing my teeth. Oil pulling is a natural remedy derived from ancient Indian Ayurveda. It had an unexpected effect on my often uncomfortable dry throat, and has the added benefit of helping to prevent periodontal disease, as oil pulling fights bacteria in the mouth and throat. I prefer to use virgin coconut oil because has antibacterial and antiviral properties!


I’ve fallen in love with diving since I tried it last year. The quiet underwater world feels like how I imagine outer space does, and I get to escape the hustle and bustle of my above-water reality. It makes me want to try free-diving – I’ll do that the first chance I get. I love the feeling diving gives me; of being at ease, at peace and also, uninhibited.

Doga Trial (dogs and yoga) : @urbanyogahk

I’m always happy to go deeper into communication with my dog, so I tried Doga with my puppy. Doga is a novel pet therapy activity, helpful for the body and mind of both owner and the dog. It’s so wonderful to maintain eye contact during different yoga moves to cultivate a deeper connection with my furry little loved one.

Healthy recipes sharing : @vivi.isafit

I’ve followed this Taiwanese girl’s IG for a few years – I really admire her! She uses tons of healthy ingredients to create different weight loss menus. Delicious and easy to make yourself. Follow her for recipes that are fun, fresh and good for you.

Channie is a down-to-earth fashionista. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, embracing adventures locally – though preferably internationally!

How Christel has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for October 2022, photo of Christel’s hand with a pointed finger, touching a plant

Back and Bodyworks

I’ve had a few old injuries – some years old that I never saw to – niggling at me recently, so I finally decided to do something about it. Chiropractor Gillian Tsang’s newly opened space, Back and Bodyworks, was the route I chose; with its zen and minimalist space, smack-bang in the middle of Central Hong Kong. On Gillian’s first adjustment, I immediately felt particular channels of my body magically unblock. I’m three sessions in and she is carefully unravelling the root cause of my pains with a firm but gentle hand. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

I stumbled across an amazing Instagram account called @sikodiwa run by Filipino scholar and published author Carl Lorenz Cervantes, who has created a brilliant online course called ‘The Transpersonal Filipino’. The psychological is the spiritual in this course, and examines the Filipino’s place in the larger world. An incredible way to learn more about and reflect on the heritage that I unfortunately know too little of.

Gong baths at Red Doors Studio

Having the wonky juju cleared out of you through the vibrations of the biggest collection of gongs in Asia is frankly awesome. Gong baths take me deep into my internal universe aka they send me into some of the most interesting naps I’ve ever had. Shout out to Martha’s brownies – if you’re lucky, she’ll have made some to get into post-Gong.

The Peak

Did you know that The Peak Tram is up and running again? Not that I’ve ever used it – I’m proud to say I’ve been gunning up and down The Peak on a semi-regular basis lately! It may be cheesy to say, but I feel so incredibly #grateful to live in a city built on a mountain in the centre of an island. Plus there’s ice cream at the top.

Christel translates hopes and dreams into something tangible. She has been doing yoga for a long time, is great with plants, and is terrible at saying no to treats.

How Fumi has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for October 2022, photo of Fumi sitting on a bench under a tree on a grassy field with 3 dogs


It’s casual and serious, it’s fun, there’s some strategy involved, you’ll get your steps in and it’s a good cardio workout – after a 60-minute session of badminton, I’m drenched in sweat! ‘Fun’ is really key for me to make anything a habit, so this is perfect. Everything else is just a bonus!

Someone (Christel lol) recently “cookies of fortune-d” me: 🔮:
With the right frame of mind, it really is fun to get caught in rain - even if you don’t like piña coladas.

Super appropriate and a great reminder for the mindset I strive to be in, especially in this crazy city of Hong Kong where even the weather is unpredictable.

A beautiful visual escape with @rooovie

Tried, tested and love! : the latest Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso

The hint of cinnamon was a very pleasant surprise! A nice combo with the brown sugar. Definitely recommend cutting / adjusting the sugar level to your liking and voilà, a satisfying afternoon pick me up.

Fumi is a silent but deadly Scorpio Sun AND rising who makes The New Moon looks as good as it does. Her favorite color is white. Her chosen poison is coffee.

How Alice has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for October 2022, photo of Alice walking a Shiba along the harbour on the grass

Joining my first HIIT session with Power Up Fitness

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of cardio exercise done in short, intense bursts alternating with low intensity recovery periods aka laying on the floor trying to catch my breath. I am not a very active person and this was definitely so much more intense than I could have imagined, but that boost of endorphins after the workout definitely made me feel good, and happy that I made it through my session!

Sun Bathing

I love the outdoors, especially the beach! Even though we’re stepping into the Autumn season, the weather is still warm enough to hit the sand and surf. I love feeling the breeze as I sunbathe; it gives me a chance to relax and really just put any of my more stressful thoughts on hold.

Tarot session

Whenever I’m going through big changes or perhaps feeling little lost in the shuffle of events happening in my life, I always go to the cards for answers. I always find them helpful to get a new perspective on my challenges!

Finding the best headphones

Recently I have been searching for a good set of headphones, since my ears get really tired with earbuds in for long periods of time. Music is very important to me when I work, as I get easily distracted by people talking, noise on the streets etc. Sony has always had good reviews, with great noise canceling and sound quality! I’m happy to put them on, and focus on my design work!

Alice is a powerhouse in the making who does a bit of everything. She is on the market to adopt the dog, and is currently stalking potential fur babies on both Instagram and in dog parks around Hong Kong.