Reading 09 2022: New Moon in Libra

Spiritual counsellor, Tarot reader and astrologist Letao Wang shares insights for this lunation with the New Moon in Libra, exclusively for The New Moon.
21 Sep 2022
Words by: Letao Wang

26-September-2022, 5:55AM Hong Kong time, New Moon in Libra.

At 5:55AM Hong Kong time, on the 26th of September, we welcome a new lunar cycle that begins in the zodiac sign of Libra, and in the first astrological house.

Libra is about balance; and taps into the energy within each of us that wants to collaborate and cooperate. Libra is also the sign of relationships and justice. This next 30 days cycle is great for us to notice the “self” as well as “the other”. Interestingly, though this New Moon in Libra points to our other halves, the New Moon in the first astrological house is about the self. So this paradoxic position of the New Moon is fundamentally questioning whether we have successfully balanced our relationships with others. Have we been a little selfish and not willing to give? Or perhaps are we always compromising ourselves out of a need for validation? This New Moon in Libra is a great time to address this psychological see-saw within us.

Since the first astrological house is also about our body image and how we appear to others, this New Moon is a great time for a makeover, to try on that beautiful dress you’ve been eyeing, try a new beauty look, or change your hairstyle. Libra likes things that are beautiful, graceful and elegant. Remember, self care involves how you make yourself beautiful to you, not for other peoples’ gaze.

While this New Moon’s journey forms a square with Pluto and is in opposition with Jupiter, remember to always approach any situation with a calm attitude. Do your best to take the higher road. This takes us back to the theme of this cycle: Balance! A diplomatic and fair approach will help you move forward and resolve any worries with ease. The trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius indicates that some help you come in the form of an elder; so don’t hesitate to approach a colleague, teacher or even a parent for wisdom or advice.