Reading 08 2022: New Moon in Virgo

Spiritual counsellor, Tarot reader and astrologist Letao Wang shares insights for this lunation with the New Moon in Virgo, exclusively for The New Moon.
24 Aug 2022
Words by: Letao Wang

27-August-2022, 4:17PM Hong Kong time, New Moon in Virgo

At 4:17PM HK time on the 27th of August, we welcome a new lunar cycle that starts in the zodiac sign of Virgo and the eighth astrological house.

Virgo is the “Mary Poppins” energy in our life. It prompts us to clean, organize, and fix things that needs to cared for. After Leo has had his moment making a glorious mess of fun at the party, his sister Virgo sweeps into the room to clear out the junk, clean, and restore the order that we need to be balanced.

The eighth astrological house speaks about our partner’s finance, other people’s money and values. Thus this new moon in Virgo asks you to not only look at yourself, but also check with your spouse, your loved one, or your business partner on what shared bonds need to be strengthened, or what issues need to be fixed.

The New Moon also comes to a trine aspect with Uranus, the north node of the Moon, as well as Pluto. The grand trine is great for taking a practical approach to resolving any problems, as well as for focussing on the earthly matters of our daily work. Honesty, openness and detail-mindedness keys to success. If you experienced any delays during the past Leo cycle, this is the time to go back, pick it up and complete the task.

Not famous for romance, the New Moon in Virgo cycle asks you to provide helpful services to the people you love. Those gestures might look mundane, but sometimes we have to realise that love isn’t only about romantic candlelit dinners and flowers.

Also, try to remember to stay away from being overly controlling towards others or being too critical – to those around you AND to yourself.