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What the team have been up to this month, and how they’ve been looking after themselves
31 Aug 2022
Words by: The New Moon

How Alice has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for September 2022, photo of Alice at the Wan Chai Harbour Front Promenade with Mochi the Shiba
Alice with Mochi the Shiba at Wan Chai Harbour Front Promenade (not her dog)

Go to the beach, people!

Enjoy the sunshine, be with the nature and your friends! Also, it’s a really great way to cool down in this heat.

Follow @treeholehk.psychology

Their 5 min psychology facts and videos are fun and easy to watch and you get to learn a new thing every day!

Looking at Horoscope memes on @badfriendstarsign on IG

Very funny and relatable, and something you can share with your friends to lighten and brighten your day.

Volunteer at dog adoption centre!

I usually go to LAP or PUC in Hong Kong.
Adoption centres are always in search for more volunteers and help. I can’t adopt a dog yet, but I do my best to try and help every dog in need that I possibly can!!

Alice is a powerhouse in the making who does a bit of everything. She is on the market to adopt the dog, and is currently stalking potential fur babies on both Instagram and in dog parks around Hong Kong.

How Christel has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for September 2022, photo of Christel in face and hand masques
Christel face and hand masquing

Sweat it out in an infrared sauna!

Heats up the body, weirdly without being that “hot”? Lol. Incredibly calming, relaxing and ultimately refreshing and detoxifying. It’s one of the best things I’ve found that make you feel like you’re really doing something – without you really having to do anything at all!

Aside from The New Moon’s Guided Meditations by James Francis, I also listen to short meditations on YouTube by Sarah Catori just as I’m going to sleep

Throughout my life I’ve often had trouble with sleep; I’m a light sleeper and I was petrified of the dark as a child, so listening to these help put me into relaxed, calm and positive states of mind for sleep. You can choose different scenarios, from sending healing energy to the planet and your loved ones, to meeting your guides, to clearing yourself of any negative energy you’ve picked up throughout the day.

Podcast : know thy self

Hosted by Daniel Powinski and Eduardo Manteca, this podcast breaks down and decodes occult principles and knowledge into accessible and relevant information. Absolutely fascinating, mind -opening and -blowing, and also deeply uplifting, I consider listening to this podcast to be a part of my daily modern mystery school curriculum.

I finished watching Mozart In The Jungle recently, a strangely low key (as in, I stumbled across it by chance) comedy/drama series, based on a book, narrating the lives, loves and hijinks of the New York City orchestra.

Developed by Roman Coppola, with the lead written perfectly for the tiny beautiful charismatic man that is Gael Garcia Bernal, supported brilliantly by a wonderful cast, this is one of my favourite things I’ve watched this year. Gentle, hilarious, fun to watch and gorgeous to listen to, MITJ is also weirdly educational – and deeply moving.

Christel translates hopes and dreams into something tangible. She has been doing yoga for a long time, is great with plants, and is terrible at saying no to treats.

How Kaye has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for September 2022, photo of Kaye Dong in a yellow dress

Continuous Glucose Monitor

I would say that I am relatively healthy, but the reason I started wearing a CGM is because I want to be more informed about my health & make better choices when it comes to food & lifestyle.
I have found it extremely insightful to learn how certain foods spike my blood sugar. Too much sugar in our blood can lead to serious health problems. And based on data from my own body, I can experiment and make tweaks for better health.

Daily Meditation

I have been meditating for several years now and when I take a step back, I can clearly see how this has supported me through life’s many challenges. Meditation has helped keep me calm during times of chaos and has given me clarity when I have felt a bit lost.

My goal is to be able to be in the meditative state anywhere anytime.

Tracing the Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra is among the best known of all the Buddhist scriptures. The practice of copying/tracing the sutra is meditative and helps me truly sense, feel & connect with the wisdom.

You may purchase the copy sheets from here


Every year, I do a big wardrobe spring clean and although it is a lot of work, I thoroughly enjoy the space and lightness I feel afterwards.
But what I now believe is that this should not be a once-a-year activity, but a way of life.
Decluttering is helping me live a life that focuses on quality over quantity. This is not limited to possessions, but also relationships.
It can be a crazy stressful to kick it off, but start small, for example, instead of tackling the entire wardrobe, start with your underwear drawer first!!!

Kaye is a multi-passionate-ever-evolving doer that loves to pursue new ideas and inspirations. She meditates daily and is currently contemplating learning how to cook.

How Elaine has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for September 2022, Elaine’s AZUKI NFT
Elaine's AZUKI

Intermittent Fasting and Walking (with a view of course!)

For someone who constantly thinks about food, I’ve always been curious about the benefits of fasting and how it affects our conventional approach to eating. Combined with a daily walk, I found that sweating and fasting has made me more alert and is such a happiness booster!

Spotify Playlists on repeat

Every time I go to some place new, I will always create a playlist of songs which remind me of my time there. Whether emo or sad ballads or head-banging heavy metal (lol!), I can always transport myself back to special moments in my life through music.

Guidance from my St. Soleil cards

As someone who “thinks” that I can always find answers to my own problems, there have been times where my gut tells me that I need to seek guidance from other sources. When that moment comes, I usually pull out a few cards, take a few breaths and ask for a sign or direction. I literally get goosebumps every time I flip the cards over!

Back to Basics

Life is already a complicated web, so why try to complicate our personal lives even further? For me, planning around some core values of my life and not over burdening my schedule is what brings me joy and contentment. We all need a reset some times…

Elaine is a happy-go-lucky type of person, but easily gets anxiety over choosing which up-and-coming restaurant to try next. She is a dreamer who wonders about life beyond Earth, and has recently developed an interest in all things Metaverse. She is also an amateur NFT collector.

How Fumi has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for September 2022, photo of Fumi Kamigama in Shinjuku alley filled with street food vendors
Get someone who looks at you the way Fumi looks at food

Intermittent AC cooling

As hot as it’s been, I’ve noticed blasting myself with AC all day makes me rigid and somehow more fatigued. So I now turn on the AC for 1 hour max at a time to cool the air and use a fan the rest of the time. Oh, and drink lots of water… and I’ve been more productive and alert!

Voice memos

I’m not a huge journal-er or a meditator but what I’ve found works for me is voice recording using the voice memo app. I usually do this while I walk aimlessly and I essentially…talk to myself, brain and heart dumping whatever comes to mind. It’s my way to self-soothe and I find it especially helpful when I need to practice just being and feeling.

Kungyokudo’s Uji no Matcha incense

I burn one every morning. It’s fresh, deep and delicious all at the same time. And it’s pretty.

My go to breakfast combo
Raglan’s vanilla bean vegan yogurt + homemade granola - recipe from Eleven Madison Park (cut the salt wayyy back though!)

I’ve been making this granola for years and I swear by this recipe!! The key is to stir your granola half way for extra yummy crunchiness. Bonus: Top with frozen strawberries

Fumi is a silent but deadly Scorpio Sun AND rising who makes The New Moon looks as good as it does. Her favorite color is white. Her chosen poison is coffee.

How Channie has been taking care of herself this month

The New Moon Team Recommends, Lately at The New Moon, for September 2022, photo of Crystal, Channie with her dog mai mai on the beach


I feel good when I sweat. Sweat off the stress, and sweat off the food. The best views always come after the hardest climb.

Decorating using house plants

I recently got a Fiddle-leaf fig! I follow @w3tter IG, and was inspired to style my space with plants to create an oasis of calm.

Generating positive thoughts

Calm, assertive energy is the energy I project to my dog in an attempt to try to reflect back to myself my true self-awareness. Inspired by dog behaviourist – Cesar Millan


Why: Taking my loved ones (parents and friends, doggie and my gf) to remote beaches is one of my favourite things to do, to just hang out, camp, eat and drink – they all love it too!

Channie is a down-to-earth fashionista. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, embracing adventures locally – though preferably internationally!