Reading 07 2022: New Moon in Leo

Spiritual counsellor, Tarot reader and astrologist Letao Wang shares insights for this lunation with the New Moon in Leo, exclusively for The New Moon.
25 Jul 2022
Words by: Letao Wang

29-July-2022, 1:55AM Hong Kong time, the New Moon will be in Leo

At 1:55AM (HK time) on 29th of July, we are welcoming a new lunar cycle, which starts in the zodiac sign of Leo and the third astrological house.

Leo brings out the “inner child” energy in each of us; that loves to play, to create, and to have a good time. Leo’s generous and passionate nature makes it a sign that nobody can resist. The third astrological house speaks to our daily communication; our words, and how to convey or share ideas to our immediate environment; so this New Moon in Leo asks us to be open with our communication and writing – particularly regarding issues and ideas revolving around children, creative projects, art, as well as love.

This New Moon in Leo is also coming to a trine aspect with Jupiter on the same day, which is an indication of abundance, forgiveness and generosity. Romance and love may come more smoothly if you are able to be more open in regards to attending social activities and meeting new people. If you have an opportunity to do a public speech or to stand in front of a crowd, don’t shy away from it! The New Moon in Leo asks us to stand up and stand out for our uniqueness.

Remember to keep a firm grip on our ego and pridefulness. And try not to let self-censorship prevent you from revealing your true feelings.

New Moon blessings to you all!

Watch the message from the Tarot as interpreted by Letao Wang, for the New Moon in Leo here.