Playlist – Clarity

Sound healer and singer-songwriter Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙 has curated a series of playlists that can be an at-home or go-anywhere sound-healing experience, aiming to help uplift your mood and raise your personal vibrations.
1 Jul 2022

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  1. 396 Hz Open Mind – Solfeggio Dreams

  2. Solar Plexus (Confidence) – Sound Bath, Chakra Sound Bath

  3. Garden of Rhythm – Start Of Something Good

  4. 528 Hz Raise Positive Vibrations – Miracles Tones, Solfeggio Healing Frequencies MT

  5. Kalimba Lullaby – African Music Drums Collection

  6. Returning It All – Corrid

  7. Dreams of the Universe – Yakamora

  8. Dream Light – Novah Scotia

  9. Truth Dawn – The Knight of Coins

  10. Sunrise – Mohimbra

  11. Unclouded – Thalia Mathis

  12. Blissful Elation (396 Hz) – Meditative Mind

The New Moon's July Playlist by sound healer and singer-songwriter Jocelyn Chan, themed Clarity