Lookin’ for some Hot Stuff

Different techniques to incorporate heat therapy into your wellness routine
18 May 2022
Words by: Christina Ko

The healing benefits of heat are undeniable; whether in a workout or a spa treatment, it can help improve flexibility, increase calorie burn and cardiovascular levels, and more. There are also multiple ways to harness the power of higher temperatures.

Family Form at the Upper House Hong Kong by Lindsay Jang
Photo courtesy of Upper House, Hong Kong

Family Form at the Upper House, Hong Kong

This 55-minute mat workout is not for the faint of heart – conceived by Lindsay Jang, Family Form involves a full-body conditioning experience using hand and ankle weights in a heated room, and features a curated playlist. It takes place in a modified hotel room at The Upper House, Hong Kong.

Infrared Reform8 class at Defin8 Fitness
Photo courtesy of Defin8 Fitness

Infrared Reform8 at Defin8 Fitness

Defin8’s popular reformer classes got an upgrade at the beginning of this year with Infrared panels added to increase efficacy – participants who’ve tried working out with and without heat notice a clear difference. With the panels on full blast – which heats the muscles without affecting the room temperature substantially – you can stretch deeper, warm-up quicker and generally have a better session.

Men and women on mats practicing vinyasa flow at Flowga Studio
Photo courtesy of Flowga Studio

Flowga Studio

Also powered by infrared heat, Flowga proclaims itself a studio “for those who aren’t afraid to get messy”. This means repetitive vinyasa flows incorporating more challenging asanas, which encourage students to be “in flow”. Choose from classes that range from Sweat n’ Burn (filled with pulses and holds) to Sweat n’ Release (more stretch-focused) and more.

Woman getting a relaxing back massage
Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Oriental Bamboo Massage at Mandarin Spa

The Oriental Bamboo Massage at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong’s spa is inspired by an ancient therapy that uses warm bamboo canes along with special massage techniques to offer relaxation through deep strokes and firm muscle manipulation, increasing blood circulation and releasing strain to promote relaxation.

Private room spa set up at The Spa of The Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong with beige interior and plush furniture, overlooking some greenery and the harbour
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

Massage Therapies at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a couple of options for heat-seekers at Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong’s superlative spa. The Power of Jade Stone Therapy uses heated jade stones on the body, whose negative ion emissions boost immunity and increase energy levels. For a more targeted approach to easing specific muscle or joint pain, Onnetsu Therapy uses infrared heat to deeply penetrate muscle layers and is effective even on old injuries or chronic pain areas.

A Still life of multiple sex toys in playful colours by Lora Dicarlo
Photo courtesy of Lora Dicarlo

Lora Dicarlo Toys at Sally’s Toy

Sexual wellness devices that heat up to slightly above the body’s natural temperature can be a fun addition to bedroom activities, whether solo or with a partner (or more players, of course – who are we to judge?) Lora DiCarlo, available at Sally’s Toy, features a few gadgets, including the Sway, Tilt and Drift, all of which heat up to a toasty 40° C, comfortably increasing blood circulation in your lower regions to amp up arousal and satisfaction.