A Guide To: Chakras

Chakras are a complex energy system composed of seven centres of spiritual power within the human body – but how does any of that actually apply to you? Read on for an introduction to each chakra; a basic guide to what each is for and how they can affect you.
25 Aug 2021

Chakras — we’ve all heard of them. But what even are they?

Found in the sacred texts of the ancient tradition of Hinduism dating back as early as 1000 BC, chakras are a complex energy system composed of seven centres of spiritual power within the human body. The seven chakras represent seven different areas of the spine – from the crown down to the root – with a corresponding focus for each spot.

When all chakras are open and in alignment, we are in tune with our body, mind, and spirit, and energy is able to flow through us freely; allowing us to feel more settled in our various bodies and in harmony with our true selves.

Since the chakras represent the energetic centres of the body, blocked chakras can manifest as physical, emotional and mental ailments including bodily pains, sadness and anxiety.

Luckily, there are ways to unblock and rebalance our chakras. From meditation, a good night of sleep, to crystals and yoga; to other more targeted forms of realignment and opening. Read on for a crash course on the chakras.

The New Moon’s Guide to Chakras, diagram of chakra energy and spiritual power centres in the body
Chakras are a complex energy system composed of seven centres of spiritual power within the human body

Root Chakra

Sitting at the base of the spine, the root chakra represents family, social belonging and security. A blockage here can lead to physical symptoms in the lower body, such as the knees, colon or bladder; emotionally, it can manifest as insecurities about basic survival needs: money, shelter and food.

  • Associated colour: Red

  • Crystal: A black tourmaline can help to balance and ground you.

  • Yoga Asana: Warrior stances can help us bring awareness to the root chakra through the activation of the legs.

Sacral Chakra

Located between the bellybutton and the pubic bone, this chakra is home to our sexuality, pleasure, and creativity. When blocked, it triggers reproductive issues, urinary problems, kidney dysfunctions, and lower back pain. Emotionally, it can cause commitment issues and affect our ability to have fun.

  • Associated colour: Orange

  • Crystal: A strawberry quartz has a gentle, loving, and soothing energy that can redirect us towards universal love, understanding of purpose and seizing the day.

  • Yoga Asana: Hip-openers, deep lunges, and squats are all good ways to activate, align and heal our sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Find this third chakra of core identity and confidence at the navel centre, where blockages are felt through digestive issues such as eating disorders, heartburn, ulcers and ingestion. The emotional aspect can manifest as an imbalance in ambition, ego and issues in personal power or self-esteem.

  • Associated colour: Yellow

  • Crystal: Associated with positivity, the yellow citrine can help to awaken optimism, motivation, and positivity in general. It also encourages clarity and self-expression.

  • Yoga Asana: The boat pose is a great asana to activate your core.

The New Moon’s Guide to Chakras, featuring Sacral Chakra photo from 7 Chakras photograph collection by Rodrigo Garcia, courtesy of AMEN
Photograph by Rodrigo Garcia, “7 Chakras”

Heart Chakra

At the centre of the chest, the heart chakra is quite self-explanatory — it represents the quality of our connection to ourselves and others, as well as the world. When this chakra is blocked, asthma and heart problems may occur; we may feel lonely, isolated, insecure, and even lose love for ourselves.

  • Associated colour: Green

  • Crystal: A symbol of love, a rose quartz can improve blood circulation and help to attract love for self and others.

  • Yoga Asana: Backbends will help invite our heart’s energetic space to open.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is linked to our communication abilities. Ear, nose, teeth, and throat problems may indicate a blockage here. On an emotional level, it can be seen through dominating conversations, gossiping, speaking without thinking, and perhaps a lack of authenticity or creativity in your words.

  • Associated colour: Blue

  • Crystal: A green phantom quartz will help you garner strength, clarity, and inspiration. This stone is also known for its ability to start and continue healing.

  • Yoga Asana: Allow the camel pose to open and purify your communication channels. Chanting can also help align the throat chakra.

The New Moon’s Guide to Chakras, featuring photo from 7 Chakras  collection by Rodrigo Garcia, courtesy of AMEN
Photograph by Rodrigo Garcia, “7 Chakras”

Third Eye Chakra

Situated between the eyes, the third eye chakra means intuition and imagination. A lack of opening in this area can mean headaches, bad eyesight, hearing or concentration. An emotional blockage may lead to small-minded thoughts and an inability to see the truth.

  • Associated colour: Indigo

  • Crystal: Sodalite is an ideal stone for focus, balance, and mental clarity. Use it during meditation to ease any blockages, or keep it on your desk when writing or attending meetings to encourage a calm and creative head space.

  • Yoga Asana: Use the dolphin pose to increase blood flow to the face and brain, stimulating the third eye.

Crown Chakra

The highest chakra in our currently bodily system, the crown chakra opens at the very top of the head. It represents awareness, intelligence and enlightenment; our deeper connection to purpose and our true selves. When blocked, it makes us stubborn and disconnects us from our body and earthly matters, as well as our higher embodiments.

  • Associated colour: Purple or white

  • Crystal: With its pure, crystal light, a herkimer diamond clears the path for spiritual energy to flow and activates our conscious attunement to the highest level.

  • Yoga Asana: Get into the balancing butterfly to practice concentration, peace, and balance; and in doing so, bring serenity and enlightenment into all of your chakras.