A Guide To: Vibrational Energy

We hear a lot about vibrations, but what exactly are they, and how can we elevate ours for better mental, emotional and spiritual health? Writer Christina Ko ruminates on these questions.
28 Jul 2021
Words by: Christina Ko

What are vibrations?

Consider yourself a walking, talking, feeling being that is made up of energy. Your energy isn’t static – it’s constantly moving and changing, and that general hum can be measured in vibrations. Although vibrations are oft-cited in spiritual wellness, there’s more science behind it than you’d think.

Are vibrations physical, emotional or spiritual?

Vibrations are all of the above – on a physical level, your body has a heartbeat, as well as various rhythms that take place on a cellular level, such as your circadian rhythm determined by your sleep pattern, or your menstrual cycle. These are all determined by your body’s vibrations; how fast your molecules are literally vibrating. Modalities such as bioresonance recognise that each of the body’s organs operates at a different frequency, and measures or modulates these frequencies as a way of tracking and improving health.

Your thoughts and emotions can also affect your vibrations, as these translate into stress hormones as a physical manifestation.

But vibrations are often cited in spiritual practices without relating to science and fact, and often in science-defying notions – as everything on this earth is made up of energy and vibrations, spiritual practices often seek to raise and improve vibrations by drawing on the boundless healthy energy available from the earth and universe.

Silhouette of 2 Person Standing in Front of White and Black Stripe Wall
Photograph by Cottonbro Studio

How and why would I need to raise or change my vibrations?

If you believe in a mind-body connection, there isn’t much reason not to raise your personal vibrational energy. Improved mental and physical health are just two of the umbrella benefits, but there is a multiplier effect that influences all aspects of your being.

How do I know if my vibrational energy is low or off?

Health and happiness are two general indicators. If you feel sick, stressed or sluggish, your vibrations could be a little off-kilter. There is no doctor’s diagnosis for low vibrations (although perhaps some energy healers might make note of it) and the best way to take your own vibrational temperature is using your intuition. If you’re feeling “low”, then you might actually be low.

Does my home or space have vibrations too?

Indeed, it does – as does any space you walk into. The entire city can be affected by collective vibrations, too (think 2019, when the energy of the entire Hong Kong felt particularly fraught). But while there’s little you can do about the vibrations of such a sprawling space, you can work on spatial energy and vibrations by working on its residents. Good feng shui, crystals and regular smoke-cleansing can clear a space of low and toxic energy, but ultimately, it is a home’s inhabitants that can have the greatest effect on overall vibrations. And our vibrations affect each other, too – that’s one reason that women who live together see their menstrual cycles synced, or why the energy in a room can shift when an angry person enters it, etc.

What healing practices can raise my vibrations?

Basically, all your average energy practices, from reiki to kinesiology, sound healing to meditation, even working out to release stress or reciting an affirmation in your mind. On a cellular and physical level, eating clean and taking your vitamins or tcm supplements does this, too. Self care is essentially the best long-term methodology for keeping your vibrational energy high, and maintaining a positive mindset and attitude has literal reverberations across your energy field.

How can I target specific vibrations?

This is where things might get a little bit trickier. Bioresonance is one tool that targets specific organs and bodily reactions. Some healers are able to access specific channels or meridians in a more precise manner, while forms of sound healing incorporating binaural beats or solfeggio frequencies can have more targeted associations.

Burning Palo Santo Beside a Buddha Figurine
Photography by Ivan Samkov

What objects or products can raise vibrations?

Anything that elevates your mood and makes you happy in the long term – which is why drugs, sweets and other guilty pleasures don’t make the cut, as they mainly contribute to short-term boosts of pleasure, and guilt is a vibration-lowering emotion.

Items you can include in your energy rituals, such as crystals, incense and herbs for smoke-cleansing are helpful. Aromatherapy is another tool.