How to: Style your Crystals at Home

A guide to using crystals at home with power, purpose and principles of good design
23 Dec 2020
Words by: Christina Ko

The global craze for crystals has reached a fever pitch, and it’s no wonder – with the amount of time spent indoors, the importance of a zen home environment complete with energetic stones and positive feng shui has become all the more apparent.

Much of where you place your crystals at home is driven by the same principle that led you to select each stone in the first place: intuition. While there are benefits to having particular rocks in certain places, your intuition is the primary barometer to guide you, and there is usually a reason you might feel a crystal belongs in a certain spot, though it is counter-intuitive to conventional suggestions.

That said, here are a few quick ideas that will kickstart your creativity in integrating crystals into your home decor.

Living room space with 2 white marble coffee tables and a curved white couch
Photograph by Amanda Kho

Placement Principles

There are a few common-sense principles when it comes to which rooms or areas need certain types of crystals: for example, as a stone of protection and grounding, black tourmaline functions well at the entryway to your home, to ward off negative energy. It’s also good for places that are subject to bad feng shui – such as if there’s a road with oncoming traffic that points directly to your window.

Transparent or white crystals such as clear quartz should be placed in areas you wish to feel lightness and uplifting positivity: perhaps on your coffee table in the living room, where people typically gather on sofas. The bedroom is headquarters for your dreams and aspirations, so this is the place for crystals that resonate with your hopes and goals: spodumene kunzite fosters love for yourself and others, celestite soothes and infuses your dreams with peace. And any spots with electronics – TV, computer, mobile phone charging stations – will benefit from EMF-absorbing rocks, including black tourmaline and malachite.

Pink Calcite crystal on a marble surface with decorative items

Size Matters

As your crystal collection grows, you’ll want to integrate them into your home in a manner that allows them to act as decor accents as well as inanimate healers. Size and scale are important in creating a diverse arrangement that is chic as well as powerful – don’t be afraid to go big. Just as a Christmas tree that almost scrapes the ceiling highlights a lofty space, rather than makes it look smaller, larger crystals create dramatic focal points for the eye, particularly if you have an affinity for raw, organic shapes that are akin to nature’s own sculptures.

Inevitably, though, you’ll collect quite a few smaller rocks, little pocket rockets that can come along your journeys. Loose crystals laying about can look like clutter, so gathering them in a bowl, plate of vessel provides some visual unity, much as a tray for keys and loose change is organisational and an aesthetic improvement. Christina Liu’s Abalone Nesting Bowls are a great option for this. Medium-sized crystals – the size of your fist or larger – also look good when grouped with objects of varying heights, ideally on a tray such as Addition Studio’s round travertine version, or a stack of meaningful coffee-table books.

Person holding a pyrite crystal in their palm, glowing in the warm light
Photograph by Elia Pellegrini

Cleansing & Charging

Where your crystals sit and how they are used will determine how often they must be cleansed and charged – and we strongly feel that these two are separate processes of equal importance. Sage, water and salt baths will empty your stone of negative burdens, while sun or moonlight (or a meditative intention) will power it up. After a day in the sun, you’ll notice certain crystals that refract light will sparkle more, even after dusk. It follows that placing your crystals permanently in spots near windows or natural light will allow them to act with greater power on a day-to-day basis.